Lake Taneycomo Fishing Report:

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The fishing on Lake Taneycomo is as good as I have seen in the early spring with lots of nice fish being caught, They are finally slowing the water from the spring floods we had in Branson Mo, there is still lots of evidence of it from the dock damage to even boats upside down in yards.
With the slowing water it has the trout biting really good, we caught 66 trout in 4 hours yesterday with 2 anglers and 101 the previous day!
Both spin fishing and fly fishing are working well drifting close to the bottom, we are catching the trout on several fly’s and lures depending on the water flows and conditions. With some of the best being shad fly’s, egg patterns, scuds and sanjuan worms.
We are mostly catching all Rainbow trout with a few brown Trout mixed in.
I guarantee lots of fish on each trip!
 trout fishing on Taneycomo Lake in Branson Mo is good as ever and 
heating p for the summer months! I had a 6 hour trout fishing trip this 
morning with 3 anglers and they caught over 130 trout! Our average 4 
hour trout fishing trip with 2 anglers (with no trout fishing 
experience) is over 50 fish! No you do not need to use a fly rod but if 
you want to learn to use one or want to catch a few fish on a fly rod I 
can guarantee you I can show you how.
 most of our fishing trips we are using spinning rods and either casting
 to the trout or drifting with the current. We do not bottom bounce with
 bait or anchor in one spot and fish nightcrawlers as most do. We have 
much more productive ways of fishing using fly’s and lures that mimic 
the things and bugs that the Taneycomo Lake trout feed on.
Scuds, jigs and midges in different sizes and colors depending on the weather and water levels.
If you want to have a blast catching lots of trout on Taneycomo Lake just give me a call and we

 fishing, it looked like a summer day on Lake Taneycomo, actually it
 felt that way too. We have been under a warming trend for the last week
 and a half in Branson Mo. It is a refreshing change from the frigid cold
 we have had this year!
 fished with Jack today and it actually started out a bit slow due to
 the water being run and the fact that I spent the first drift using the
 same baits and rigs we caught 72 trout on the day before! It is hard for
 me to not at least try the lures you used the previous day, but I
 actually know better.
 first drift aside we started steadily increasing our catches as I
 increased my leader lengths and honed into the best baits or fly’s for
 the day and the conditions.
 the increase in the boat traffic and fishing pressure we settled into
 catching the trout on fly’s and eventually switched to Fly Fishing.
 were several fly’s and sizes that were working, we settled on 2 rigs
 that were the most productive. The first being either the standard egg
 and #16 or #18 scud or a jig and scud rig.
 you are using the egg or the jig as a attractor fly and the scud as the
 catch fly, if I start catching fish on the first fly I will change it
 to something they will not bite. When you catch a fish on your attractor
 fly it tangles the dropper or catch fly causing a mess!
 second rig was a double midge rig. The first midge or attractor fly was
 a large midge followed by a dropper fly or midge in the #18 to #20
 size. The best color seemed to be red and black or P&P.
 caught several male trout and a couple of browns but no big fish. Our
 biggest was in the 17″ to 18″ range. Jack however did hook a big trout
 that striped line off his fly reel almost to the backing before it
 turned and eventually pulled free. That is the only disadvantage to
 using the smaller hooks on the fly’s, you get more bites but the holding
 power of the smaller hooks is greatly less than the hooks on jigs or
 spoons etc.
 the weather in Branson is suppose to turn cold again for the next 10
 days! The warm weather was nice while it lasted and today on the water
 was one of those days where I just smiled for loving my job!
Feb 21
74 Trout on Lake Taneycomo today in 4 hours of fishing with Myles and Jamie Smith!
 has fished the Red River, the White River and several other trout
 fisheries and said it was hands down the best trout fishing he has ever
 water was off at Table Rock dam with only a slight flow of water being
 released into Lake Taneycomo. These are ideal conditions to catch lots
 of feisty trout, especially if there is enough wind to keep a good
 ripple on the water, which there was. We actually had high winds up to
 30 miles per hour causing difficulty with boat positioning.
 position is a critical aspect of Trout fishing or any fishing as far as
 that goes. On the days the water is off it is less critical as boat
 position is on days that the water is running. Therefore windy days when
 the water is running are sometimes tougher this is always tougher if
 the wind is blowing against the current! The harder the wind blows
 against the current on Lake Taneycomo the tougher the fishing will be,
 these are the only days we have hard times putting lots of trout in the
 boat. The good thing with Taneycomo Lake winding through the Ozark
 Mountains in Branson Mo is I can always find a productive place to fish
 out of the wind, it might not be the most productive spot on Taneycomo
 but I have yet to find a area there where we cannot catch fish.
 under windy conditions is where the jigs, spoons and minnow style baits
 shine the best. And when there is no wind or light winds the fly’s tend
 to produce better results.
 reason the fly’s don’t work as well when it is windy is the wind will
 actually blow your line whether it be fly line or the line on your
 spinning reels. Actually due to the diameter of the fly line it is even
 more effected by the higher winds making fly fishing the toughest on the
 windiest of days.
There are lots of trout being caught below fall creek also. There was a reported release of 4,000 plus fish aroundCooper Creek Resort
and they have been catching fish good past Lilly’s Landing and p to
 Fall Creek boat dock. The best baits have been power bait combo with a
 white power bait and a different color of the gulp bait added to it. The
 best hook size for this rig is a #8 or a #10 hook on a drift or
 Carolina rig with just enough weight to tick the bottom of the lake as
 you drift. A pinched crawler has been working too but not really
 fishing and if you want a Lake Taneycomo trout fishing trip to remember
 just give me a call and we will make it happen! Tight lines Fishing
 Guide John Sappington.
Feb 17
 great day on Lake Taneycomo, 104 trout! David caught trout on both Fly
 rods and spinning rods. David started out with a fly rod then the wind
 really started howling forcing the switch to spinning rods. The fish
 catching obviously continued.
 of the fish were caught on either on a white micro jig or a tan #14
 scud depending on the current flowing from Table Rock Lake dam.
 of the trout we caught were males that were milking or had there
 spawning colors, this is a good sign that the larger female trout are
 heading this way.
 awesome trout fishing makes up for the fact that the bigger trout are
 just not tin the trophy area or at least very many of them in the trophy
Feb 16
 had a great day Fly Fishing on Lake Taneycomo with (Coach) JW Page! He
 was fishing by himself and caught 43 trout (by him self) JW did great
 and it was a joy to share the boat with him again.
 the fish came on a TFO 9′ 5wt fly Rod which JW handled nicely. The best
 Fly’s were a #18 light gray scud and a P&P #18 midge.
 boat traffic was heavy but being the first nice weekend that is
 understandable, it has been a long cold winter in Branson Mo and the big
 lakes are still really cold. The trout fishing stays good year round on
 Taneycomo Lake.
Feb 14
 great day Fly Fishing Lake Taneycomo. I fished with the Edwards they
 were both experienced at Fly Fishing which made it nice as the wind was
 howling! On windy days it makes everything harder than it should be,
 boat control, controlling your line and also keeping from wrapping your
 line around your or someones head!
 were scheduled to run the water today but they never turned it on on
 our fishing trip.We ended up catching 84 trout on our 4 hour guided
 fishing trip Pretty awesome day!!!
 of the trout came on either a micro jig in brown or tan or a larger
 midge (size 14)  in black and silver and red and silver. Under windy
 conditions you can get by with bigger line and baits to increase your
 hookups. The fish still nip at baits and you have to be quick to catch
If you want to go out on the lake and catch lots of fish just give me a holler and we will make it happen!
Feb 13
Had a fly fishing trip with the Melton’s from Dallas.This was the first time fly Fishing for them and they had never trout fished either. We spent about 15  min going over the basics of fly casting then
 practicing without fly’s on the end of the fly line, and they easily 
figured the casting technique it out.I tied a couple different fly’s on 
and they jumped into the world of fly fishing. There is always a 
learning curve to catching trout on Lake Taneycomo. The styles and 
tactics are sometimes a little different then bass fishing plus there 
are several ways to catch them especially if you try fly Fishing for the
 first time but I guarantee you will love it.Today we ended catching 
most of our trout on a midge and scud. The best color on the midge was 
black and silver the best colors on the scud was tans and gray. Adjust 
your leader to the depth the fish want. Typically long leader with the 
scud and shorter with the Midge.They saw the first eagle they ever saw 
in the wild too. Eagles are a regular sighting on Taneycomo Lake. Last 
year they raised 3 baby eagles and it wa
ill make it happen!
Another great week of trout fishing on Taneycomo Lake. Lots of fish, we caught 52 in 4 hours fly fishing with Pete and Rich and topped it by 2 catching 54 trout spin fishing Sunday with and John. All 106 trout were rainbows and we never boated a trout over 20″ but it was a blast helping and watching them catch them!The Taneycomo lake generation has been running nonstop due to the cold weather and the increasing need for power due to it.
The best baits are jigs in white, green and tan combinations and the best weight is from 1/16th to 1/8 ounce depending if you are casting it with or without a float. Also the egg and scud or egg and San Juan worm in natural, reds and pinks have been working good too.
The weather has been cold but if we get a warm day or you can take the cold you need to get out on the water as the trout fishing on Taneycomo Lake in Branson is good as ever right now!
The weather is cold but the Trout fishing on lake Taneycomo in Branson Missouri is hot as ever!
They have continued to run the water which has helped the bite, with the water running more weight is needed to keep your baits down in the strike zone. There has been no boat pressure on the trout and they are biting really good on about anything you want to throw at them.
The best baits in the trophy area are egg and scud combos and the egg and San Juan worm combo, also jigs in white, greens and browns. In the bait section from Fall Creek past Cooper Creek Resort all the way to Scotty’s Trout  dock the trout are biting good. Some of the best baits are the Berkley power baits and gulp products. The best colors have been whites and pinks, also night crawlers are working good either on a drift rig. The jig and float rig has and will continue to work.

Taneycomo Lake Fishing Report 10/9/2013
The trout fishing on Taneycomo Lake in Branson Missouri is gerat!
The Generation schedule from the Table Rock Dam has had the water mostly off in the mornings and been generating 2 to 3 turbines in the afternoons.
When the water is off trout are being caught below fall creek on night crawlers injected with air (you can cut a large crawler into 3 pieces) Berkley power bait in orange, pinks and white on a Carolina rig. You can also catch trout on a float rig using trout magnets in salmon and orange and Berkley trout worms on a 1/100th ounce jig head. use light line 2# and longer leaders in 6 to 12 ft depending on water depth.
When they are running the water use the same baits but in heavier weight, also switch from a Carolina rig to a drift rig or 3 way swivel rig. You can also go to 4#line to keep from loosing as many hooks and sinkers.
The best areas have been from just above Trout Hollow past Cooper creek and from Monkey island to the 65 bridge also in front of the landing.
Above fall creek in the trophy area (there is no bait of any type allowed)!
When the water is off midges in size 14 to 22 in colors of red and silver, black and copper and Primrose and pearl fished under a float on 6x and 7x leader. We are also catching fish on the jig and float with 2# line.
When the water is running go to a longer leaders and you can continue to catch fish on the egg pattern jig in yellows and orange combination’s.
You can use the drift rig or a float rig with a long leader to catch the trout with a egg and scud (in gray, tan and molting scud colors) rig or egg and sanjuan worm rig (in red pink or worm brown colors)
Some bigger fish are moving upstream for the fall spawn run and we are catching lots of fish averaging 40 to 50 trout per trip if you want to have a blast trout fishing on Taneycomo Lake give me a call or visit my site
The fall and early winter trout fishing on Taneycomo Lake in Branson Mo has been awesome!! On our 4 hour trips the catches average between 50 and 75 trout with fish up to and over 20″ most every day, the majority of the trout caught are between 12″ to 14″ this makes a fun day for clients and myself as a guide!
The generation schedule has been low with Table Rock Lake being about 10′ low due to a dry year. The fishing has been best when there is some water flowing from the dam, the water that has been flowing has had some color to it allowing the use of heavier 4# when spin fishing or 5x leaders when fly fishing eliminating break offs. The best baits under water flow have been egg patterns with a scud or sanjuan worm as a trailer or larger size 14 and 16 midges in black, olive, tan and rusty colors.  With the low generations at the dam and no water flow to activate the fish it is imperative that there is some wind to break up the light penetration. Under no flow the jig and float has been the top bait to throw if there is some wind creating ripples on the surface, the best jig colors have been white, olive and ginger. If there is no wind on the surface and there is no water flow it can be tough to catch the Lake Taneycomo trout! Under these conditions the midges have been the most productive in the trophy area or the upper 3 miles of Taneycomo Lake, smaller midges and lighter leaders in 2# or fly fishing with even 6 and even 7x tippets have been the key to catching the inactive trout, I don’t like using the 7x tippet as I feel it is hard on the fish and we loose a lot of flies on the hook set. Watch the surface and you will see the areas the trout are midging and focus on those areas. Under these conditions this is one of the few times I will leave the trophy area and fish below fall creek, with no water flow and no wind action in the upper lake you can still catch trout by adding some berkley gulp to your rigs and must be below fall creek to use bait! The deeper section between Trout Hollow to Lilley’s Landing or Cooper Creek resort is the best section for fishing under these conditions.
Contact  Fishing Guide Branson for a trout fishing trip on Taneycomo lake you will always remember!
The trout fishing on Lake Taneycomo  in Branson MO is on fire! 4 hour trip today with 2 anglers w=they caught 76 trout up to 18″! They were running the water all day and the trout were hungry. We caught Trout on several different lures and flies. Midges in black, scuds in tan, eggs in orange and sculpin jigs. We started out right above fall creek and spent the first 2 hours there catching several trout. We then ran to the dam to see if we could catch some bigger trout, but while we were heading up there they shut down the generation to 1 generator, causing the lake to fall. When this happens it brings the waders out to the middle of the lake, and I try and stay out of there way. We finished our trip below the fall creek marina casting a sculpin jig.
It was a beautiful day on Lake Taneycomo today, the wind was light and the sun was shining, I was surprised to only see 3 of 4 other boats out on such a nice day. We saw 2 or 3 eagles today, even saw one dive in the water to try and catch a trout. If you want to have a great day on the water head to Taneycomo Lake, I think the slowest 4 hour trip I have had this month is 48 trout in 4 hours!

They have been running water all week at the Table Rock Lake dam and the trout fishing on Taneycomo Lake in Branson Missouri is on fire! We have been catching great numbers of all week, 56 trout in 4 hours today, 48 in 4 yesterday, 51 in 4 the day before! Mostly rainbow trout in the 12″ to 15″ rang with fish up to 20″ pretty much daily.
The trout on lake Taneycomo are mainly feeding on midges and scuds, and these are some of our most productive flies. Midges in reds browns blacks and olive in size 16 to20 and scuds in gray tan and olive in sizes 16 to 20. We are fishing both on fly rods or spinning rods depending on clients preference for fishing equipment. We are using the same leaders and baits on both rod types but using bigger strike indicators on the spinning rods to aid in casting distance with the small flies.
We have a great advantage when the water is running on Taneycomo over  the drift style boats, they are not able to run or move back upstream and re fish the most productive sections of the lake. In addition if they drift downstream to a current break and there is another boat anchored on it, you have to anchor on a unproductive spot or continue your drift to the next break in hopes it is not occupied also (there is only so many productive spots to anchor in the 3 mile trophy area) We do not anchor but drift with the current just as the natural forage does in Lake Taneycono.
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October 15
Trout fishing on Taneycomo Lake in Branson MO is good as always! The lake and the Ozark Mountains or hills that surround it arbeautiful and serene! The trees are turning beautiful reds, yellows and crimsons. There is a group of trees directly across Lake Taneycomo and slightly up river from Cooper Creek Public fishing access that slowly started changing color last week (I have been watching them every day as I unload my boat for trout fishing on Taneycomo) and overnight they all fully turned red today!
They are not running much water at Table Rock lake this week but the fish are biting really well as usual. We are catching lots of fish on midges, wooly bugger, egg patterns, scuds and jigs above fall Creek. Below fall creek to Scotty’s Trout dock Berkley power baits and gulp on a drift rig is catching fish good also some fish being caught on night crawlers.
Both spinning rods and fly rods are working good.
Contact  Fishing Guide Branson for a trout fishing trip on Taneycomo lake you will always remember!
Sept 28
Trout fishing was great today! We are starting to catch some bigger fish, with  the shorter days and turning of the leaves in the Ozark hills that surround Beautiful Lake Taneycomo in Branson Missouri.
We had 3 fish over 18″ and 1 over 20″ today with several fish between 14″ and 16″ with 4 people in the boat I stayed busy unhooking untangling and netting fish, 3 fish on 3 lines several times and even had 2 fish on one rod at the same time! They ran one generator today even though they didn’t call for it or have it scheduled to run any water.
We caught fish on both spinning rods and Fly rods. When we started fishing we were using the shorter Bass Pro shops  Micro-lite rods in 7′ ML action with Cardinal 101 spinning rods, casting  jigs and midges due to the current flow being slow but as we made a few drifts the current rapidly increased to were we had to switch to the longer 8.5′ rods with longer leaders and more weight to keep our baits close to the bottom of Taneycomo lake. There is a fine line between having your baits close to the bottom of the lake and getting it caught in the moss that covers the bottom of the entire Taneycomo lake.
The best baits for us to catch the trout on Taneycomo lake today were the Micro jig in brown and tan and a #16  midge in tan and  rusty brown we also caught some fish on the hopper flies on a fly rod.
The fly fishing on Taneycomo Lake is on fire! For a great Guided Bass fishing trip on Table rock Lake or a Trout fishing trip on Taneycomo Lake give me a call or visit me at
Sept 26
The trout fishing on Lake Taneycomo in Branson Missoui is as good as ever!
This week the leaves have started changing color and it looks like it is going to be a beautiful fall on in the Ozark mountains. With the dying of the leaves on the trees that surround Taneycomo lake they are falling in the lake and adding some overhead cover for the trout. You can fish the edges of the mats of leaves and you will catch trout. Jig, midge or trout magnet and a float. Colors change with light and mood of the fish (if you are not experimenting with different color combinations daily and sometimes hourly you are missing out on a lot of action)
The fishing is great both above and below Fall Creek above artificial lures and flies obviously, jigs, midges, eggs and nymphs. We ar getting into the time of year were you need to bring a jerk bait rod with you and start chunking for the bigger trout that art heading up Lake Taneycomo for the annual fall trout spawn run.
For a great Guided Bass fishing trip on Table rock Lake or a Trout fishing trip on Taneycomo Lake give a call.
Sept 21
This is Branson Mo fishing Guide  John Sappington, Had another good day on lake Taneycomo, Jig and float or Midge depending on current and mood of the fish, 47 fish in 1/2 day trip no real big fish but up to 18″ rainbows.
Best baits were small jigs, midges and egg patterns fished under a float above fall creek. Below fall creek to Scotty’s Trout dock Berkley power baits and gulp on a drift rig is catching fish good also some fish being caught on night crawlers.
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Sept 20
This is John Sappington with Fishing Guide Branson reportiong on another Great Lake Taneycomo   guided Trout fishing trip yesterday with trout fishing clients catching 82 trout on both spinning and Fly Fishing equipment!

Sept 16
The trout fishing on Lake Taneycomo in Branson Missouri is great as usual with   30 to 60 fish in a 4 hour trip is the normal catch! We are starting to see some of the really big trout starting to move up Taneycomo Lake for the much anticipated  annual fall spawning run, several of the male fish we are catching are starting to change colors and ooze out milk in anticipation of the spawn to come!
Under low water or no generation at Table Rock Dam the best lures are small jigs midges and egg patterns in the trophy area of Taneycomo Lake, In the lower section from Fall Creek to Branson Landing the best trout baits have been Berkly gulp in orange, chartreuse and white and night crawlers on a drift rig. The jig and float is still working in the lower section too.
Come fishing with Fishing Guide Branson in Branson Mo and let me take you trout fishing on Taneycomo Lake or bass fishing on Table Rock Lake, we will make some memories and learn some tricks that will last a lifetime!