Fishing Reports for Table Rock Lake and Lake Taneycomo

January 29
The trout fishing on Taneycomo Lake is on fire! I had 2 anglers yesterday that caught over 150 trout in 4 hours! One angler was using a fly rod and the other was using a spinning rod and were both waring me out netting fish! We caught most of the fish on fly’s fished under a strike indicator. The best fly’s were a brown TRT, P&P midge and a tan scud. The fishing will continue to be good through spring, the worst 4 hour trip we have had since Christmas is 48 fish!
June 9
The bass fishing on Table Rock Lake is still really good, we are catching 25 to 40 bass on a 4 hour bass fishing trip. Most the fish are in the 12 to 17″ range and we are catching mostly small mouth and spotted or Kentucky bass.
The Trout fishing on Taneycomo is really good now the bigger fish have moved back into the safety of the trophy area or the upper 3 mile section of lake Taneycomo.
We are catching trout on lots of different lures and fly’s on either fly rods or spinning rods, which ever you would prefer to use. Jigs, scuds and midges are the standard fair for Taneycomo’s  trout. The size and color will change daily with the changing light, water and weather conditions we face each day.
The average 4 hour trout trip with 2 anglers is 50 plus trout in the 12 to 14″ range we are catching trout up to 20″ most every day. Today on a 6 hour trip with 3 anglers they caught over 130 trout.
May 2
They have been running full generation at Table Rock Lake dam for most the spring driving the trout put pf the trophy area to the lower part pf lake Taneycomo in Branson Mo, Just this week they have slowed the flow or completely shut the water off and the trout have headed strait up river to the trophy area! We had a day last week under the no flow where we caught over 200 trout! This next week they are calling for  weather in the 80’s every day so if they keep the water off this will allow more trout to head to the safety of the trophy area of Taneycomo.
Now is a great time to Trout on Taneycomo with the average catch for 2 clients (with no trout fishing experience ) on a 4 hour trip is 50 plus fish!  These trout can be caught with either fly fishing gear or spinning rods, which ever you prefer.  The best lures or fly’s have been and will continue to be the various sizes and colors of midges, scuds and San Juan worms, with bigger and heavier and brighter under higher water flows and just the opposite is needed under the lower water flows, smaller more natural colors is the key to getting lots of bites when the generation is low or off.

The trout fishing on Taneycomo lake in Branson Missouri is on fire! We caught 48 rainbows up to 19″ in a 4 hour trip today, 51 in 4 hours yesterday and 47 in four hours the previous day! Unfortunately we are not catching the giant brown or rainbow trout yet that we typically catch this time of the year but they are due to show any time. Most of the trout we are catching are rainbows in the 12 to 15 inch range with some browns in the 14 to 18 inch range and we are catching trout up to 20″ and bigger pretty much daily.
The best baits or flies are wooly bugger’s in moss, olive and brown colors, sculpin jigs, midges in reds, rusty and olive and scud patterns in gray, tan and brown colors either fished on fly rods or spinning gear
The generation schedule this week at Table Rock Lake dam which is the headwaters to Lake Taneycomo has been to run water all day every day which makes for great fishing. I have a advantage over other guide boats on Tanecomo lake with running a jet motor on my 21′ long by 8′ wide Ranger center console boat.  Having a jet allows me access to the any section of the lake whether they are generating water or not. I also have a great advantage over drift style boats which only get one shot at a section of the lake as they drift through it. With the jet motor I have the ability to fish a section then run back up river and drift through the most productive  places and continually catch fish time and time again.
The fall and winter trout fishing on Taneycomo Lake is world class! This is the time when the biggest trout congregate for the annual spawn run which is followed by the shad kill that puts the fish in a feeding frenzy.
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Sept 28
Trout fishing was great today! We are starting to catch some bigger fish, with  the shorter days and turning of the leaves in the Ozark hills that surround Beautiful Lake Taneycomo in Branson Missouri.
We had 3 fish over 18″ and 1 over 20″ today with several fish between 14″ and 16″ with 4 people in the boat I stayed busy unhooking untangling and netting fish, 3 fish on 3 lines several times and even had 2 fish on one rod at the same time! They ran one generator today even though they didn’t call for it or have it scheduled to run any water.
We caught fish on both spinning rods and Fly rods. When we started fishing we were using the shorter Bass Pro shops  Micro-lite rods in 7′ ML action with Cardinal 101 spinning rods, casting  jigs and midges due to the current flow being slow but as we made a few drifts the current rapidly increased to were we had to switch to the longer 8.5′ rods with longer leaders and more weight to keep our baits close to the bottom of Taneycomo lake. There is a fine line between having your baits close to the bottom of the lake and getting it caught in the moss that covers the bottom of the entire Taneycomo lake.
The best baits for us to catch the trout on Taneycomo lake today were the Micro jig in brown and tan and a #16  midge in tan and  rusty brown we also caught some fish on the hopper flies on a fly rod.
The fly fishing on Taneycomo Lake is on fire! For a great Guided Bass fishing trip on Table rock Lake or a Trout fishing trip on Taneycomo Lake give me a call or visit me at
Sept 26
The trout fishing on Lake Taneycomo in Branson Missoui is as good as ever!
This week the leaves have started changing color and it looks like it is going to be a beautiful fall on in the Ozark mountains. With the dying of the leaves on the trees that surround Taneycomo lake they are falling in the lake and adding some overhead cover for the trout. You can fish the edges of the mats of leaves and you will catch trout. Jig, midge or trout magnet and a float. Colors change with light and mood of the fish (if you are not experimenting with different color combinations daily and sometimes hourly you are missing out on a lot of action)
The fishing is great both above and below Fall Creek above artificial lures and flies obviously, jigs, midges, eggs and nymphs. We ar getting into the time of year were you need to bring a jerk bait rod with you and start chunking for the bigger trout that art heading up Lake Taneycomo for the annual fall trout spawn run.

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Sept 21
This is Branson Mo fishing Guide  John Sappington, Had another good day on lake Taneycomo, Jig and float or Midge depending on current and mood of the fish, 47 fish in 1/2 day trip no real big fish but up to 18″ rainbows.
Best baits were small jigs, midges and egg patterns fished under a float above fall creek. Below fall creek to Scotty’s Trout dock Berkley power baits and gulp on a drift rig is catching fish good also some fish being caught on night crawlers.
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Sept 20
This is John Sappington with Fishing Guide Branson reportiong on another Great Lake Taneycomo   guided Trout fishing trip yesterday with trout fishing clients catching 82 trout on both spinning and Fly Fishing equipment!

Sept 16
The trout fishing on Lake Taneycomo in Branson Missouri is great as usual with   30 to 60 fish in a 4 hour trip is the normal catch! We are starting to see some of the really big trout starting to move up Taneycomo Lake for the much anticipated  annual fall spawning run, several of the male fish we are catching are starting to change colors and ooze out milk in anticipation of the spawn to come!
Under low water or no generation at Table Rock Dam the best lures are small jigs midges and egg patterns in the trophy area of Taneycomo Lake, In the lower section from Fall Creek to Branson Landing the best trout baits have been Berkly gulp in orange, chartreuse and white and night crawlers on a drift rig. The jig and float is still working in the lower section too.
Come fishing with Fishing Guide Branson in Branson Mo and let me take you trout fishing on Taneycomo Lake or bass fishing on Table Rock Lake, we will make some memories and learn some tricks that will last a lifetime!